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Hotel Overview

Pousada Tauma Goa is a fortified Portuguese Goan Home. It quite effectively hides its open spaces within spaces. Owner Neville Proenca, the 45 year old Goan has been the architect of Pousada Tauma Goa from the day he decided to quit working in the service industry. Pousada Tauma goa is his dream that he has put together brick by brick.

The initial architectural structure of Pousada Tauma Goa has famous architect Dean D'Cruz's signature mark on it, but learning with experience, Neville progressed to setting up his own vision in his second plot of property, right besides the old.

Setting a property into just the way you want it can become a life altering process. This is a never ending story says Neville, who has not been able to go on a vacation with his family for countless years. Sometimes you can spot him amongst the plants and soil, tending his greens. Nothing seems to daunt the man who likes to potter with his dreams hands on.

Pousada Tauma Goa pool is the focal point soothing and refreshing and the sound of running water is an elixir which gives the 12 all Suite Boutique Hotel Pousada Tauma Goa tranquility that is beguilingly addictive. Conceived as an adult experience, The Suites, scattered around the pool are endowed with different motifs the Sea, the Fields, the Mountains and Castle which give one the very aroma of Goa.

Pousada Tauma Goa has other intriguing aspects like a table with chains as its support which were originally ship achor chains welded together, or flattened bottles that form a curtain in the restaurant and then the 100 year old palm tree at the entrance that has stood witness to the many that have walked this path.

A lot of the furnitures is from old Goan homes that adds to the local feel that Neville wants to give his guests.

Pousada Tauma Goa has 13 suites with no intention of increasing that number because the owner believes in protecting his guests privacy and peace. This is of such paramount importance to Neville that he has build his walls hight to keep away prying eyes but done so aesthetically that you feel you are in a protective cocoon, far from the madding crowds. Which you actually are.


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