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Hotel Overview

 Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort offer one of the most exclusive and unusal accommodation in Uttaranchal.From the architecture to the cuisine,from the decor to the service & an unhampered view of the snowclad Himalaya.

Accessibility :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Located just 7 km above the town of Almora.

Accommodation :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

British colonial style with Kumaoni inspiration,the cottages are constructed with a minute eye to comfort ,elegance and taste and all cottages and restaurant "sangam"are heated in winter.

Types Of Rooms

Eagles Nest :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

This perch has the most astonishing view of the himalayas.

Himalayan Magpie :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Octagonal and built completely in stone ,the Himalayan Magpie is a cosy and romantic cottage.

Scarlet Minivet :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

The only cottage on the south side is the Scarlet Minivet.It has wonderful view of the sunset and night lights of Almora.

Pheasant :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Adjoining cottages ,built on two levels ,pheasant and patridge share only the balcony.This is built on the east and the sun greets you each morning.

Partridge:Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Adjoining cottages,built on two levels,pheasant and patridge share only the balcony.Enjoy the last rays of the sunset.

Hoopoe :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Hoopoe and cuckoo are built one above the other .Two cedar pillars in Hoopoe give the impression of dividing the living and sleeping area.The cottages have seperate entrance and the only thing they share is the view.

Cuckoo :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Cuckoo built on the top,has a huge sunny terrace .The cottages have seperate entrance.

Goldfinch :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

Goldfinch and Rosefinch are two small adjoining cottages ,ideal and cosy for single occupancy but can also accommodate a couple.

Restaurant :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort

We pride ourselves in our restaurant Sangam.Possibly the best food this side of the himalaya.

But even more than the food,the restaurant ,which also serves as an art gallery ,is a lounge for shared travel conversation and experiences.

Facilities :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort


Leisure :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort has a library of books and music cassettes.Enjoy the massages with an experienced foreign therapist.

Trekking :Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort is idealy placed as a starting point for treks into the hidden himalayan valleys.




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